Day 36 – Saving a memory

I have been gone for some time, gone into a world of uncertainty, gone into grief, gone to past memories. It is a strange feeling losing a dear friend suddenly and that too at such an early age. She lived her life to its fullest, she lived her dream and she worked to help others. She did all that God hopes we did.

And she left me wondering about my life, if what I was doing was true to me, what good was it to anyone…….

On my last meeting with her we had gone to shoot a documentary of her charity school, in Skardu, Pakistan. I took this picture at one of the teacher’s humble home. The room was no more than 8′ in height. About 6 of us sat on the floor while the host served us tea. There was so much warmth in the house, and its simplicity with a beautiful view from the one small window was enough to light up the entire room.

We were exhausted from all the climbing, but just before we left I had to somehow save a memory of that place and me. A memory now more meaningful then ever.


Day 35 – Hold still

Days seem shorter. Nights come too soon. Even dreams are in a hurry. Is time really flying or is it just my imagination?

Our lives have become overloaded, with things we must get done, for ourselves, for our families, for others, for success, for a purpose, for fun, for life. All before we die.

And in between all this madness we are wired in technology. We think it is helping us,  making things simpler. But all it is doing is taking away precious moments that could have been.

Unfortunately time has become a burden and there is no stopping it, reversing it or slowing it down.

Is there?

Day 34 – Embrace – That moment

In life we are always searching. Searching for happiness, searching for love, searching for success, searching for peace and sometimes searching for the end. If only we learnt how to live in the moment. Just learning to let go of that which we don’t know. Learning to breathe.

And once we do we will probably find it all, right there, in that very moment. 

Day 33 – For the Love of Green

I wanted to do something different for this Independence Day. A new patriotism has awaken in me after so long. My country has been facing many tragedies, people have been down. We have been fighting to stay strong, to be positive, to rise above everything hoping that all will be okay. And that my country will shine again.

So I wanted to have fun and show my pride and my faith. I was driving back from work a few days before and I kept seeing the Pakistani flag everywhere and this time I was going to buy a big flag! And what luck to find a MASK! and that too in green.

This image is one. Check out Behance for more with the MASK.

Day 32 – Hide and Seek

Throughout this life we are forced to wear masks…… and all my life i have been wanting to throw away this mask…..playing hide and seek with myself,…. searching for the real me……for the me that got lost….

This picture was taken on a trip to Skardu, Pakistan, in my hotel room. I loved the atmosphere in the room, something raw about the place, and ofcourse using the one light I have.

This image is from a series I am working on based on this theme


I want to make pictures of sorrow, I want to make pictures of pain, pictures of hurt, pictures of darkness, of hell, and pictures of death….

Into it I go…sinking….sinking….

‘The Book of Ideas’

For quite some time I have been in search of a perfectly sized sketchbook. A blank paged book where I can doodle, scribble, brainstorm, and jot down ideas as soon as they come to me. Well, I found ‘the one‘. It’s black, simple, 8-1/2 ” by 6-1/2″, fits perfectly in my bag, very easy to carry around. The paper is textured, and can be torn out if needed without ruining the book. Thank God.
Now, this book I call ‘The Book of Ideas’……….This is where I will create my dreams..this is where I will imagine them before I bring them to life. And maybe not all will happen, but some definitely will.
And one thing’s for sure, Ideas will never be lost.