— 365 days is not all that easy

…… okay so taking a picture every day has become very difficult even if it’s only a self portrait…. The desire to create, the need to experiment, the willingness to set up, depends on 3 main factors.

1. Mood 2. Energy 3. Family or other commitments

This all depends on how tired I am after coming back from work, or how encouraging the environment is around me and ofcourse if my daughter needs me then I will sacrifice.

So, I have decided to take a picture whenever and wherever it may be possible. If a day comes when I can take even more than one self portrait I will. For me the main reason to do this was to take it as a challenge which it still is even with all the missing days, as photographs still need to be creative. And the other reasons were to have FUN, learn and grow!

Hence, these 365 days might take 500 days to complete. But I am on my way…………..

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