Day 36 – Saving a memory

I have been gone for some time, gone into a world of uncertainty, gone into grief, gone to past memories. It is a strange feeling losing a dear friend suddenly and that too at such an early age. She lived her life to its fullest, she lived her dream and she worked to help others. She did all that God hopes we did.

And she left me wondering about my life, if what I was doing was true to me, what good was it to anyone…….

On my last meeting with her we had gone to shoot a documentary of her charity school, in Skardu, Pakistan. I took this picture at one of the teacher’s humble home. The room was no more than 8′ in height. About 6 of us sat on the floor while the host served us tea. There was so much warmth in the house, and its simplicity with a beautiful view from the one small window was enough to light up the entire room.

We were exhausted from all the climbing, but just before we left I had to somehow save a memory of that place and me. A memory now more meaningful then ever.


  1. Juliane · September 15, 2015



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