Photography and me

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to discover one’s true calling…. And after trying my hand at every profession you can think of like Architecture, Music, TV, Theater, Teaching etc……. I finally found something that gives me the greatest joy. 🙂 It has taken many many years, but probably I had to experience all the other forms of Art to find the one that I am most passionate about.

The best thing about being a photographer is that is gives me the greatest freedom to express myself however I want and makes me feel thoroughly ALIVE!

When I photograph I feel like I am seeing the world for the first time, I observe. I look, at things I never saw before. I take in every detail. I visualise. I dream. The more I delve into it the more I want to explore.

I started my journey, by photographing anyone and everyone I knew or met. And, I still do that til date. People have always fascinated me especially children and older people. Hence, portraiture is a subject which I don’t think I will ever stop doing. I also love macro photography but that mostly of the eyes. Its all in the eyes. Architecture, Abstraction, Landscape but only of the TREES are other forms of joy.

Now, however, I have finally taken up the courage to try my hand at my favourite kind of Photography and that is FINE ART and CONCEPTUAL photography. In my mid 20s I developed a liking for photomanipulation. Messing around with my own pictures and turning them into something else excited me alot. But ofcourse it was just for fun and temporary.

But now I know there is a way to MIX the 2 of my favourite things and tap the unknown and the mysterious. This is the beginning for me and I want to do wonders with it one day. I want to try all there is to try out there. I want to explore experiment be daring be bold, use images to communicate what I believe in and mostly tells stories.



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